Castle Lager RWC social content

The campaign

Content as it happened.

For the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Castle Lager used fitness trackers and a custom app to track rugby fans heart rates during springbok games.
The collected data determined the ‘Heartbeat of the Nation’ and this was used to generate content for fans across a number of platforms,  creating brand awareness for Castle Lager.

Multiplied teamed up with a sports tracking company to map significant moments in the game where the ‘Heartbeat of the Nation’ peaked, and then create engaging and insightful data-driven content for social media, in real time, as it happened.

The campaign generated a 62% share of voice on social media.
#oneheartbeat generated 97.8 million impressions, and 4x more mentions than the official sponsor.  

Client: Castle Lager
Agencies: 10th Street Media, VS Sport, Cerebra, Ogilvy

The process

14 Videos
25 250 Total Views
1703 Total Likes
1672 Total Retweets
296 Total Comments