Personalised media is only effective as part of an intelligent, customisable, and scalable marketing campaign.

We offer a smart, secure, and dynamic platform that, integrates with any data source, produces personalised media, distributes the content to users, and tracks interaction for sales insight.

media is only
the beginning

How it works

Data Upload

Dynamic Content Creation

Content Distribution


This is the unique information that we use to drive the content creation.
Data can be sourced securely in a variety of ways.

Here we use media provided and add dynamic sections which are populated with the unique data, creating unique pieces of media in a variety of formats.

Content is then automatically distributed in a number of possible ways or queued up to be reviewed and distributed by client.

Where users are taken to a personal micro-site, we can track interaction
on the site to gain sales insight and inform smart follow-ups

  • Secure API integration
  • Automatic monitoring of live feeds
  • Form submissions
  • Secure CSV upload portals
  • Unique user engagement analytics from microsites for further personalised follow-ups
  • Personal micro-sites with embedded media (videos, images, copy)
  • Messaging services
  • Twitter integration
  • In-app embeds
  • Web embeds
  • Media links for client distribution
  • Emails with embedded media
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Images