Helping customers make sense of their insurance products, while feeling uniquely valued, through personalized educational experiences

Creative Direction
Motion Design
Web Development

Insurance can be a bewildering.

If asked, most of us don’t know what the fine print says.This gap in customer education becomes an issue when its time to claim, leading to confusion, frustration, and cancellations. At scale this becomes a significant problem and places strain on business resources like call centres.

With the client’s lighthearted brand tone, we created fun and engaging personalized experiences walking people through the nitty gritty.

Leveraging every customer’s unique data, we created hyper-relevant media that spoke to every customer directly about their specific situation, guiding them through scenarios and processes to get the best out of their products.

The intelligent campaigns were made up of personalized emails with unique media,  websites, and explainer videos for every user.

Receiving data through secure client-facing upload portal, our platform triggers the media production before assembling the different components for distribution. In this case clients received an email taking them to a personalized landing page where their personalized video was hosted.

Finally analytics of user interaction provide insights for improving and building upcoming campaigns.

Average unit production time
Interaction on
personalized vs
generic media
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