Giving young players insight into their performance while also celebrating their achievements through an engaging infographic experience

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Seeing the story in the data

Serves won, forced errors, net points won - tennis is an analyst’s dream. And for players, understanding where their game needs work can mean the breakthrough to the next level.

Partnering with Tennis Analytics, a match analysis company, we took the insights and packaged them in a bright and engaging web experience, giving players insight but also creating something that could easily be shared across social platforms, giving the tournament and sponsors organic reach and visibility.

Player stats were compared to the average of the past four tournament champs combined in an engaging web and video experience.

The experience was also an introduction into the analysis available through Tennis Analytics, becoming a promotional campaign for their product.

The experience

The whole thing was built to be mobile-first from the ground up, as accessible as possible, with the video being vertical for easy viewing and sharing across mobile devices.

The punchy, informative video took advantage of all the screen area available.

Following the tournament players received an email with a personalised GIF inviting them to view their video. This directed them to their own landing page, personalised and populated with their data where they could watch and download their video.

The website also had live web-based data visualisations of different stats in a dashboard section, using bits of motion and breaking the experience up into bite-sized instant insights.

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